Dr Sulaiman's vital work continues

Last month AAA founder Janet was able to visit Dr Sulaiman in the Duhok Province of Kurdistan. Dr Sulaiman is the sole vet operating the Kurdistan Organisation of Animal Rights Protection. In the last month, Dr Sulaiman has treated 21 donkeys, 2 horses, 500+ sheep, goats and cattle, and 30 shepherd dogs, all across 4 districts and 8 villages. The cases treated included wounds, weakness, mange, diarrhea, eye infections, new borns, fractures, parasites, as well as prophylactic treatment, de-worming and providing animals with food, vitamins and minerals where needed. The service that Dr Sulaiman provides is much needed in the area, particularly in areas of low income where families cannot afford the care required for their working animals. Thank you for supporting AAA which in turn allows Dr Sulaiman to continue this invaluable work.

Janet Thomas