Early rains at the Animal Nepal donkey sanctuary

At Animal Nepal's Donkey Sanctuary, the equines greeted the early start of monsoon with much enthusiasm. They love running down the slippery path to the grazing area, and the caretakers had to caution the residents to be careful. Pappu was one of the over-enthusiastic donkeys, who hurt herself while playing out in the fields. She hurt her back leg and needed a visit from Dr Atish Yadav and Sajana Thapa to provide treatment.

Due to the heavy rain, the staff faced a tough time cleaning hooves. With lots of mud the hooves need to be cleaned much more frequently.

The good news about the early rains is that the nutritious grasses which were planted to supplement the equine's diet is growing fast. The residents definitely love munching on some fresh greens!

Thank you for your support in helping to provide a better life for these donkeys at the sanctuary.

Janet Thomas