2018 Global Working Animal Day ~ Walk a Mile in my Shoes Challenge ~ Sunday August 19th

2018 Global Working Animal Day

Walk a Mile in My Shoes Challenge - Sunday 19th August

DONKEYS, MULES, CAMELS and BULLOCKS do the jobs of tractors, trucks, and taxis every day in the world's poorest countries. Many impoverished families rely on these animals for survival. Help us to help both the animals and their people by participating in our Global Working Animal Day ~ Walk a Mile in My Shoes Challenge. 

We invite all our supporters from around the globe to walk, run, ride or swim at a location, time of day and weight of your choice.

The idea is simple, how you take part is up to you!

All you need to do is give up one hour [ minimum] of your time and carry 1 up to 20 kg in weight for the challenge.

All funds raised from your efforts will help abused, sick and suffering working animals in desperate need.

For those who cannot carry any weights, you can still join in, but you need to complete an hour walk or run on Sunday 19th August. 

You can do the challenge solo or with friends- wherever you are in the world you can participate. Ask your friends and local media to sponsor your Challenge.

Your training can start now AND to register for our Walk a Mile in My Shoes Challenge please complete the  form below.

You have been given this challenge so you can experience what working animals endure daily on the streets and in the mines and brick kilns the world over. 

For more information or sponsorship form or how you can set up your own crowdfunding page please email: WALK A MILE at info@animalaidabroad.org

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eg. Walk 5 km
eg. Circuit at Lake Monger, Leederville, Perth, WA Australia
eg. 2 kgs dumb bells.
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