Somaliland Update: 185 donkeys get much needed treatment in February 2018

Somaliland Update: 185 donkeys get treatment, thanks to you.


During the month of February, 185 donkeys were treated for

- wounds caused by poor harnessing and beating

- laminitis

-respiratory issues, coughing and weakness. - worms

- hooves trimmed


A survey was also conducted during the month of February asking drivers and donkey owners 2 questions:


1. What was the status of your donkeys and donkey owners before 3 years?


A. Lack of access of vet clinic area

B. Lack of knowledge of donkey welfare

C. Short life of working donkeys

D. Lack of nowhere to report (example to the relevant authorities, national and international institution.

E. Lack of communication on donkey communities

F. Lack of communication on donkey communities and authorities

G. Lack of engaged vet doctors (Ministry of livestock give priority on Livestock animals like shoats, cattle and camels and care the least of equine animals)

H. Large number of abandoned donkeys on the streets of Hargeisa city

I. Negative perception from the side of the local communities to the donkeys and donkey communities

J. Lack of consideration and less priority of relevant authorities, example Municipality and Ministry of Livestock.

K. Lack of legal policy of protection of equine animals


2. How have you benefited after 3 years?


A. Obtained free medical treatment

B. Achieved training/workshops in donkey welfare

C. Engaged vet doctors and mobile team for treating donkeys

D. Upgraded communication of donkey communities

E. Enhanced level of the understanding of relevant authorities

F. Decreased number of abandoned donkeys on the city streets and garbage areas.

G. Dissemination of awareness messages reached on urban and rural area from media like local radio, TVs and newspapers. This resulted in local communities understanding the importance of the working donkeys.

H. Donkey owners treating their donkeys on their own expenses.


Thanks to our Animal Aid Abroad supporters, working donkeys in Somaliland are doing much better.

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Janet Thomas