Horse Rescue- Israel

January 2018 rescue.jpg

There was something suspicious about the skinny horse which was pulling a cart of junk driven by two guys, and which caught the eye of a special patrol unit of two policemen, Netanel and Lidor. When the policemen signaled the guys to stop, they jumped out of the cart and ran off, leaving the horse behind.
They probably had a good reason for escaping.

The carts in that area are driven by residents of Kalqilya who collect iron junk, and also deal with stolen goods which they hide in-between the junk of the fully loaded cart. The policeman unharnessed the pitiful tired scrawny horse from the cart, and led him on foot to the Kedma police station in Taybeh. 
When the Pegasus rescue team arrived to the station, the policemen were waiting for us near the horse. They cared for him, and gave him water, even in the midst of their busy workload. We named the horse Sam, after the special patrol unit which is called Yesam. 
Sam was so exhausted when he arrived to Pegasus, and he only managed a weak neigh, just as all the other horses neighed in curiosity to meet their new friend. Thanks to your support we will be able to keep assisting Pegasus to rescue and provide a safe home for these abused and over-worked animals.

Horse rescue Jan 2018.jpg
Janet Thomas