SAWS helping the donkeys of Somaliland

AAA partner group Social & Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Hargiesa, Somaliland recently set up a vet clinic at the second largest water supply vendor station in Hargiesa, a prime location to catch many groups of working donkeys and their owners as they pass by for water. Many interested locals stopped in to have a look at the activity taking place, and speak with the three vets onsite.

During the morning session, from 8am to 10.30am, the vets treated 58 of the 126 donkeys that arrived onsite. Common treatments included hoof trimming, providing Albendazol, Almayzin spray and injections.

Another 179 donkeys were treated during the group's regular mobile vet clinic, and while there were a variety of ailments, the most common injuries seen were from poor harnessing.

One donkey they treated had severe wounds from poor harnessing and the owner was cruelly neglecting these wounds and forcing the animal to continue working. SAWS felt the owner's treatment of the donkey was bad enough to report him to the police. They will provide us with an update to this case.

As always, SAWS are doing an amazing job in their area, and we thank them for their hard work.

Janet Thomas