Shepherd dogs in Kurdistan

The amazing Dr Sulaiman at the Kurdistan Organisation of Animal Rights Protection has once again had a busy month, treating 22 donkeys, 2 horses, 2 mules, over 441 sheep, goats and cattle, and 66 shepherd dogs across 4 districts and 9 villages.

The focus in the previous month has been on shepherd dogs in the area. As it is coming into mating season, there have been rivalries and fighting among the dogs, resulting in severe wounds. Many owners leave these wounds untreated, leading to infections and potentially death. So Dr Sulaiman has made it his mission to find and treat as many of these dogs as he can.

Of the other animals treated, there were a range of cases including prophylactic treatment, wound care, de-worming, weakness, mange, diarrhea, eye infection, genetic new born, fracture, external parasite and providing advice to owners.

As always, we commend Dr Sulaiman on his hard work and thank our sponsors who enable our support of this organisation.

Janet Thomas