India Update: Sick Camel gets the CRC treatment

Camel of Kishan Gurjar from village Ramjanipura had been sick for 20 days. He was not eating properly, was weak, emaciated and moving in circles. The owner went to a local practitioner but his camel did not improve. Then he gave some home remedies but his condition became even worse.

At last he found the contact number of our shelter - Camel Rescue Centre [CRC]. When he called us he said he did not know anything about our shelter and said whatever money we ask he will provide to fix his camel. We told him that we provide free treatment and just bring your camel to our shelter. We examined and found that the dullness, debility, circling movement was indicating towards blood protozoal infection trypanosomiasis. This is a very common condition in camels. Camels with this condition, become emaciated and weak and if not treated may die.

So after diagnosis, the animal was given proper treatment. We kept the camel for three days. After two days it stopped circling and started having more food. After seeing these positive symptoms, we released the animal with the advice of giving nutritive food and proper rest. After two weeks we called the owner and asked about the condition of his camel. He was very happy with the improvement in diet, body condition and working capacity.

Animal Aid Abroad supports CRC to carry out their life -saving work to help camels in India.

Janet Thomas