CPWO Update - March 2017

March clinics help 119 working ponies across 11 Communities in Cambodia

AAA assisted partner group - Camdodia Pony Welfare Organisation to treat 119 working ponies in March for various ailments including lock jaw, eye infections, tendontea, diarrhea, surra [ see definition below], colic as well as leg, respiratory and dental problems. 34 ponies were de-wormed and 57 owners attended education sessions to learn how to care for their working pony. Training is also given to local vets and village equine advisors. CPWO believe in empowering communities in responsible animal ownership and providing the correct skills and knowledge to equine owners and local village vets to treat and look after their horses.

Horses in Cambodia are mainly used in the brick and mining industry.

Surra is essentially a disease of camels and horses, but all domestic animals are susceptible, caused by Trypanosoma evansi and transmitted mechanically by biting flies. The disease may be acute, subacute or chronic, characterized clinically by fever, progressive emaciation, anemia, subcutaneous edema, nervous signs and death.

Surra is regarded as the most significant health problem in camels and horses. Surra is probably the most widespread and economically important diseases of camels in Africa and Asia. In endemic areas especially in Sudan, the disease causes significant losses due to reduced productivity, mortality, and costs of control and treatment.