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Helping working animals all over the world

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) is an Australian registered charity dedicated to improving the living conditions and treatment of working animals around the world.

You can help make a big difference to the life of an injured, abused and overworked animal through animal sponsorship. Your sponsorship will go directly towards providing much needed food, medical supplies and care for your animal of choice. You can also show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad by becoming a member, or by making a donation today.

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All profits from Memberships, Animal Sponsorships, Merchandise and Donations go directly towards providing aid and assistance for abused, sick and suffering animals around the world.

How You Can Help

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Make a Donation

Show your support and help provide aid to working and suffering animals all around the world by making a donation.

A donation to support an animal in need also makes a great gift and can be made in the name of a family member or friend.

All profits from donations goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

Read more on how you can make a donation.

Join us by Becoming a Member

Get involved and show your support by joining Animal Aid Abroad.

Membership is paid annually, or you can choose to take out a corporate or lifetime membership.

Read more on how you can become a AAA member here.

Become a Animal Aid Abroad Volunteer

There are two ways you can volunteer:

In Australia - you can help by running stalls, attending events, help out with administration and help to spread the work of Animal Aid Abroad Inc.

Overseas - You can help aid and support animals at need up front and personally at your own expense at one of our partner organisations in Egypt, Nepal and Thailand.

Please contact Animal Aid Abroad Inc for more information.


Show your support by making a purchase from our Merchandise Store

Our merchandise makes great gifts and can be purchased online.

All profits from merchandise sales goes directly towards providing aid and assistance for the well-being of abused and suffering animals.

To find out more on how you can get involved and show your support, please visit our How You Can Help page.

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Every day animals around the world are being overworked and abused, forced to carry heavy loads or to work for tourism purposes with little or no rest, food or water. Animal Aid Abroad works alongside partner groups to educate communities, provide shelter for animals and much needed food, water and care.


Latest News & Projects

  • Egypt Update - September 2016

    Clinics at the Pyramids and Neighbouring Villages in Cairo The work goes on to tend to the many working horses, donkeys and camels that line up to be treated each week at the free clinics supported by Animal Aid Abroad. In September, a total of 74 animals were treated at the Pyramids and 68 in neighbouring villages. Many ailments and injuries are presented to the ESAF team of vets and paravets. If required teeth rasping, hoof cleaning and trimming and deworming is done including nose bandsand fly masks fitted.       An...
  • MAWO Update - September 2016

    GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS COVERED Manyara Region. We visited Naiseri villages. The villageNaiseri belong to the Simanjiro district, Manyara Region. OBJECTIVES General Objectives: To improve the health of donkeys in Manyara through access to veterinary services. To improve the performance and health of donkeys through capacity building of donkey owners and the community members on donkey welfare and health issues Specific Objectives: To carry our harnessing training To carry out deworming ,wound treatment and other ailment PROJEC...
  • India Update - Stab Wound to Horse

    India Update - Stab Wound to Horse Our partner group, Friendicoes deal with all kinds of shocking wounds that are inflicted on animals. Sadly, not all these wounds are accidental but deliberate like this horse who was stabbed in the hip by a senseless act of cruelty . To make matters worse he was abandoned on the road in Ashram Delhi. Fortunately, the Friendicoes team were alerted and transported the horse to their shelter. The infected wound was cleaned with antiseptic and ointment applied including tetanus vaccine and antibiotics given. Th...
  • Donkey Management & Welfare Update - July 2016

    Requesting land for a future donkey sanctuary Dr. Ramesh Kumar from The Donkey Sanctuary India (DSI) spent one week with us and achieved many things during his sixth visit. We had several formal meetings with government agencies. We introduced Dr Ramesh to the ‘animal-loving’ Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). After briefing him on the progress of the donkey projects, he said we should get land, about 10 acres, for a donkey sanctuary. To our surprise the ASP rang the Minister for Sustainable Development & Wildlife immediately to ge...
  • Gili Island Update - September 2016

    It is still high season on Gili Island and with that comes a lot more tourists. Great news for the tourist operators but not so, for the hardworking horses that are used to cart people, luggage and other materials around the island. Ponies are also used to dispose of the rubbish on the island and at the moment they are carting up to 20 tons of rubbish every single day in hot humid conditions.  The work is relentless and very difficult on these animals. We are supporting these animals by providing high protein feed and supplements to he...
  • India Update- Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi

    India Update- Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi Recently, our partner group HIS Camel Rescue Centre received a call from their Jaipur shelter that there was an abandoned camel near Jagatpura, suffering from injury, a tumour on his foot pad and unable to walk properly. The camel was left by the owner as it became useless to him. The Camel Rescue team reached the camel and found he was very hungry and thirsty so after given water and food he was loaded onto the ambulance. Back at the CRC in Bassi his wound was dressed with antiseptic and administered s...

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