Vayu - India

Vayu - India


Rescued by: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi

Home: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi

Like old wine, Vayu seems to be getting better with age. He has been with us for 5 years now and is completely blind. We think he is around 14 years old, but a hard life and lack of a nutritious diet contributed to his early blindness and weak muscles. He no longer needs to be watched around other animals. Known for his infamous kicks when he first arrived and injured a few other unsuspecting animals, he had to be kept solitary for a period of time to prevent him fatally injuring someone but with time he has settled down. It's been a couple of years now since we heard about the last "tantrum" of Vayu. He now spends his time in a corner of the field with other senior or handicapped equines who like a quiet life and prefer to keep to themselves. He is fed separately from the others, just to ensure no tempers start flying but overall Vayu is no longer "difficult". 

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