Truffles - India

Truffles - India


Rescued by: Friendicoes, India

Home: Gurgaon Sanctuary, Delhi

Truffles had a hard time with her mom's passing last year but on the good side it has led to her learning to live life away from her mother's shadow. She has grown to be more outgoing and social than ever before. She can be seen interacting with a group of young ladies, namely Meethi and Titli and getting into mock fights, and even nuzzling them. This group of young ladies seems to have determined their pecking order in the herd and Truffles has made her place and peace with them. She is still nervous around new people and hence it is a wrench if both the caretakers she is familiar and comfortable with have to go on leave together. Usually such a situation is avoided so that she does not develop any anxiety with a new handler. We are working on socializing her more with visitors and other staff so that she does not get stressed out if her caretaker changes or new people enter her field. 

She has also put on some weight and her coat is shining and glossy. In short, this season Truffles is looking her best. She has now stepped into adulthood having completed 4 years a few months back and is one of the best-looking mares at the sanctuary. 

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