Shinyanga - Tanzania

Shinyanga - Tanzania


Rescued By: Donkey Sanctuary Bukombe, Tanzania run by Tanzania Humane Charity

Home: Donkey Sanctuary Bukombe, Tanzania run by Tanzania Humane Charity

In August 2018, a farmer sold Shinyanga to a donkey skin trade broker who's job was to take exhausted donkeys to the donkey abattoir in Shinyanga, a town not far from Bukombe.

Tanzania Humane Charity team followed that owner and the broker, they had a long discussion about how  Shinyanga was exhausted and needed to regain her health so she could work for her owner again. It was a very difficult situation and the only option the owner gave them, was to buy his donkey. Looking at the poor defeated soul they had no choice but to buy him, not even sure the donkey would survive the journey back to Bukombe.

Shinyanga had many wounds all over her body caused by beating, poor harnessing and worked almost to death. Shinyanga made it back to Bukombe alive and the THC team dressed her wounds, gave her hay and maize, water and shelter. Slowly her wounds and spirit have started to heal.  Shinyanga now lives at the Donkey Sanctuary which has been funded by the wonderful Animal Aid Abroad donors.

She is approximately 10 years old and named after the town where she nearly lost her life.

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