Reflectors for Camel Carts - India

Reflectors for Camel Carts - India


This gift will provide 20 pairs of safety reflectors for camels working at night on busy roads in India.

Working camels are mainly used for hauling of goods, wooden or construction material from one place to another. Sometimes they have to travel at night on the very dangerous and busy main roads to and from Jaipur. These camel carts do not have any reflective material on them and are completely invisible to the fast moving traffic on the road. As a result of this, they are frequently involved in horrific accidents with trucks and cars, many of which result in fatalities, including the driver of the vehicle, the camel owner and the camel. The camel often sustains irreparable fractures and severe internal injuries and is left on the roadside to die. The camel owner’s family is then left destitute with no means to earn money for the provision of food.


To avoid and reduce such incidents at night Help In Suffering has been fixing reflectors to each and every camel cart since 2002. Till date HIS has fitted more than 14000 camel cart had been fitted reflectors to save the life of camels and their owners by the camel team.

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