Rescued by: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi

Home: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi

Radha is catching up with her and she had been left very weak after a bout of illness. The vets had also warned us about winter taking its toll on her and her survival was at stake. Thankfully we had a lean winter and the arrangements made at the sanctuary for the older horses last winter ensured that Radha made it and regained her strength. She is presently enjoying the sun on her old and much abused bones. She spends a lot of time outdoors, and even enjoys an occasional short canter all on her own. After she was out of her quarantine period following her illness last year, she at last joined the old herd although she stands at the edge and is aloof. Tolerance and social niceties are too much to expect of her at this stage in life. The other horses do not trouble her, and she is leading a quiet, peaceful life on her own terms. Hopefully she will be with us for a few more years.

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