Purple Poppy

Purple Poppy


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The purple poppy is Australia’s official war animal poppy. AWAMO asks that you always buy a red poppy to support our Veterans, but then consider wearing a purple one to remember that both two and four legged diggers served as well.

Proceeds from the sale of Purple Poppies go towards training support dogs, building memorials and care given to returned war animals retired due to old age, illness or injury after active service.

Many people are surprised to learn that During WWW l it is estimated more than 400,000 horses left our shores yet only one, “Sandy” the war horse was permitted to return home. All animals used by defence forces were either sold or left on our enemies shores. It wasn’t until recently that the first of war dogs were allowed to return home after combat missions.

Not one animal was a volunteer, they were all drafted into service, yet animals hold no malice and work alongside troops no matter what side, doing their bit to save lives. Please help AWAMO be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Lest we forget our four legged diggers served too.

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