Plastic Nose Pegs - India

Plastic Nose Pegs - India


Nose pegs are usually shaped somewhat like the bishop in a chess set. The head of the peg is forced through from inside the nostril so the base rests against the inside wall.

Most camels have nose pegs, which act as a stirring and brake of a vehicle to control them. The pegs go through the fleshy part of the nose. If the pegs are pulled too hard the nose peg hole can become infected and damaged by flies and maggots. If the nose peg wound is left untreated the nose will be eaten away completely by maggots and the camel will be unable to work.

This problem can be overcome by using halter and plastic nose pegs instead of using Wooden or Metal nose pegs. Plastic nose pegs are smooth and attached to cotton string.

The picture above is of a camel with wooden nose pegs which have caused painful wounds.

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