Lola - Afghanistan

Lola - Afghanistan


Rescued By: Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary, Kabul, Afghanistan

Home: Nowzad Donkey Sanctuary, Kabul, Afghanistan

Lola the donkey, was discovered near to where she was being made to work. She was tied to a weighted piece of wood to stop her roaming. Her ear had been completely cut off and the wound had not been treated. The sight of this cold and frightened little donkey was heart breaking.  The Nowzad team comforted her by wrapping her in a discarded blanket they found nearby, and treating the wound as best they could on the spot. A truck was called to take Lola to the safety of the Nowzad donkey sanctuary, where she could be cared for and receive further medical treatment.

Here, over the course of just a few weeks, Lola has learnt to trust our donkey carer ‘Nasir’. They have formed a really close bond. As soon as Nasir arrives for work each morning, Lola rushes straight over to greet him.

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