Noby - Nepal

Noby - Nepal


Rescued by: Animal Nepal Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, Nepal

Home: Animal Nepal Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, Nepal

Noby is an 8 year old male horse. He easily the most handsome equine, and is a bit choosy when it comes to who he wants to hang around with. Noby, along with his other friends at the sanctuary go through their regular maintenance of teeth and hoof trimming and are kept in tip-top condition. He is obviously very proud of his beautiful hair and loves to be brushed. Noby does not like his face to be touched, so we take care not to do so.Our doctor Sajana, is very fond of him and Noby tends to respond to her much better than our other caretakers. He does not have any major health issues and is spending his days happily with other members in the shelter.

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