Jackie - Nepal

Jackie - Nepal


Rescued by: Animal Nepal, Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Nepal

Home: Dukuchhap Donkey Sanctuary, Nepal

In the first week of May, members of Animal Nepal’s Equine Outreach Team rescued a young mule from Bungamati brick kiln in Lalitpur. The mule had suffered a fracture about a year ago but his owner had not sought medical treatment for the injury, which resulted in improper healing. Despite this, the mule continued to be used to carry loads, which would have caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. The team spoke to the owner on several occasions, advising him that it is both illegal and morally unacceptable to put a disabled animal to work. However, he continued as before and would hide the mule whenever the team visited. Finally, it was decided that the mule had to be rescued, because leaving him under the care of his owner would only make his condition worse. He has been taken to the donkey sanctuary in Dukuchhap. His leg will never be fully healed, but we are hopeful that with the right care, this young mule will have a long and happy life at our sanctuary, especially as he has now made friends with our residents BB and Manuka. 

This young mule has been named Jackie, after Jackie Wigh, an AAA member and long term supporter, who was travelling with the AAA group in January 2019 and visited not only the sanctuary, but also the brick kiln (where Jackie was rescued).

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