Noori- India

Noori- India


Rescued by: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi, India

Home: Friendicoes SECA, Gurgaon Sanctuary, New Delhi, India

Noori is doing well thanks to a new friendship with another donkey. She was always wary and shy, maybe due to the fact that she was isolated on arrival for a long time due to the nature of her injury - a split muzzle that made it difficult for her to eat anything but liquid. But it had got worse after she got kicked by another donkey couple of years back. In fact she had withdrawn into herself so much that the caretakers started worrying about her health and mind. But surprisingly Noori suddenly started picking up a few months back and the credit all goes to a young female donkey Peepli who struck up an unexpected connection with Noori. Now Noori has a new friend and a new purpose to life. We think that is what she was missing in her life. Some company, some support and a friend. Peepli seems to have opened a completely new world to Noori and a completely new side of Noori to us. She is much more open and confident than before. She is always trailing Peepli and follows her to eat without any prompting. She is still a little unhappy around the other donkeys but prefers her new friend to shunning the other donkeys. Hopefully it will only get better and Noori will be a much happier girl in the future. 

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