Gunya - India

Gunya - India


Rescued By: Animal Rahat, Sangil, Maharashtra, India

Home: Animal Rahat, Sangil, Maharashtra, India

Animal Rahat diagnosed a 15 year old (in 2018) bullock was having a partially dislocated shoulder and told his owner to give the animal at least a month's rest so that he could recover. The owner had been using his bullocks to haul heavy loads of sugarcane to a factory, so Animal Rahat helped arrange for the man to borrow a tractor for the rest of the harvesting season. However, it came to the group's attention that he did not have a reliable reputation (i.e., he was known to abuse alcohol), and team members were concerned that he wouldn't give the bullock enough time to recover before forcing him to work again. So they asked the man to swap his bullocks, Gunya and Sonya, for financial help to buy a tractor. 

Gunya is now permanent retiree together with his partner Sonya. They will never again stagger under a heavy yoke and are already making new friends. 

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