Cheusi - Tanzania

Cheusi - Tanzania


Rescued By: Donkey Sanctuary Bukombe, Tanzania run by Tanzania Humane Charity

Home: Donkey Sanctuary Bukombe, Tanzania run by Tanzania Humane Charity

On the 7th July 2018,  Richard from partner group, Tanzania Humane Charity, was given a tip off of 34 donkeys hidden in a big gully with no feed and water. The gully was narrow but deep and both its terminals were closed with twigs of pine trees to avoid donkeys from escaping. All donkeys were restricted in this way so they will be starved and then slaughtered for their skins, leaving their skeletons and muscles behind. The donkey skin trade is operating throughout the country and donkeys are sourced legally and illegally.

Richard and his team from THC reacted quickly and opened the lower gate so the donkeys could be rescued. They gave the donkeys water, green pasture, dry hay and maize bran for a couple of days under their guard. They announced to the neighbouring communities of the situation and ten donkey owners came and identified 32 donkeys.

Two donkeys were left with no owner so they now live safely at the new Donkey Sanctuary in Bukombe that has been funded solely by Animal Aid Abroad.

One of these donkeys is called Cheusi, he is black and estimated to be about 7 years old.  Cheusi means black in Swahili. Interestingly, Cheusi is a rare breed of donkey in these parts of Tanzania. 

His welfare status is now good; body condition score has improved from 2 to 3. No wounds, no sign of illness, no lameness  and his behaviour is good now that they have got him back to health.

Cheusi's best mate is Lawi, another donkey rescued from the gully.  

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