Chaya & Titli - India

Chaya & Titli - India


Rescued by: Friendicoes, India

Home: Gurgaon Sanctuary, Delhi

Chaya is a quiet & "elegant" horse. Chaya is the quintessential lady of the place. No unruly, bad behaviour from her. No unpleasant surprises. Easy going, laid back and content left to her own company. She does not need much monitoring or minding. Gentle with her caregivers, indifferent to visitors and with no quirks she blends into her surroundings very smoothly. Chaya is not very fond of boisterous horses, so she is usually left alone or with older, less active equines whose only activity can be seen at meal times when they make their way to the feed troughs from their own corners of the field. One thing she enjoys thoroughly are her grooming sessions and you can almost see her preening after she is done. 

Titli is a three-year-old and has the wind in her legs. If there is a horse who loves to run it is our Titli. Her racehorse father's genes show strong in her love for running. Remember she is the girl whose mom was one of the 50 odd horses rescued from the neglected stud farm. At the time her mom Chaya was pregnant and gave birth to Titli at the Friendicoes sanctuary 6 months after her rescue. She is no doubt the fastest runner among the horses at the sanctuary considering the amount of practice she puts in. The smallest thing gets her off galloping around the field in happiness or excitement. The next favourite thing is to roll in mud and cool off after she has had a spirited run. She is always the one in the most need of grooming. 

Titli is no more her mother's shadow. She is attending "school", learning to be a lady, and getting up to all kinds of mischief in the process. Her favourite trick is to sneak up behind unsuspecting people and scare them silly breathing down their neck. Being the youngest of all the horses at the sanctuary she gets some extra attention and pampering from the caregivers. 

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