Blackie - India

Blackie - India


Rescued by: HIS-India

Home: Camel Rescue Centre

Blackie is 10 – 12 years old and was rescued in December 2015 from Shahjahanpur. He was going to a slaughter house. At the time he was rescued, he had a black spot of dye at his neck, so Camel Rescue Centre staff started calling him Black Necked Camel, which was eventually shortened to Blackie.

Blackie has a benign tumour under his neck, which is probably why he couldn’t work and was sent to the slaughterhouse. The tumour will be surgically removed when necessary. Blackie is a very calm, good-natured camel who enjoys being let out of his stable to feed. He prefers to eat ground nut straw and enjoys the company of his caretaker, Kamlesh, who gives him lots of deserved attention.

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