Basanti - India

Basanti - India


Rescued By: HIS Camel Rescue Centre - Bassi, Jaipur, India

Home: HIS Camel Rescue Centre - Bassi, Jaipur, India

Basanti was rescued around one and a half years ago when she was going to be slaughtered with many other camels. At the time of rescue, she was malnourished and had multiple wounds all over her body. She is approximately, a 13-year-old female and resides at the Camel Rescue Centre and hospital in Bassi, India. Since the day she was rescued from the people taking her to the slaughterhouse her behaviour has not changed.

She is still a shy and calm female. She loves the company of her caretaker Kamlesh. She has no special choice of food and happy to eat whatever is put in front of her. Now she is in good health and likes to be the centre of attraction among the male camels.

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