Jalala - Afghanistan

Jalala - Afghanistan


Rescued by: A foreign lady, Afghanistan

Home: Nowzad Clinic, Afghanistan

A foreign lady saw Jalala, a female donkey, next to a mountain and immediately knew she had fallen.  The owner had unfortunately abandoned her because she could not work anymore.

The foreign women brought Jalala to the Nowzad clinic. She was checked and she had lots of injuries on her legs and had a weak nerve support on right front leg. The Foreign women named her ‘Jalala’, which means beautiful in Dari. After a lengthy treatment and physiotherapy, she recovered and now is in the Nowzad donkey shelter. She is old and does not have most of her teeth, so she was given lots of fruits and vegetables which she loves to spend time chewing, they make her very happy. Despite everything she’s been through, she is friendly and lets people pet her.



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