Huge efforts being made in Zambia

MWAMFUMBA Multi-purpose Co-operative Animal Welfare Society in Zambia have recently been doing work in an area where working animals are very badly treated. In Zambia, and the whole of the Southern African region, donkeys are the animals with the most negative attributes given to them by humans. Whether from ignorance or intentional cruelty, most donkeys invariably have a very hard life. So often abused and brutally treated, donkeys seem to have an air of forgiveness and humility. So the Mwamfumba team work tirelessly to protect and improve the health of these working animals.

During May, the group delivered education sessions at five schools, treated 316 donkeys with wounds from poor harnessing, repaired and renovated 26 heavy, yoke ox drawn carts to light, humane donkey harnesses, made 60 harnesses that will last for over ten years from local belts, gave 277 donkeys their first ever de-worming treatment, trimmed the hooves of 21 donkeys, treated 9 eye infections and one case of diarrhoea.

On top of that they also de-wormed 96 bullocks, treated three bullocks with wounds, 13 treatments for Corridor disease, and vaccinations for over 600 bullocks.

This is an amazing effort and it's hard to see how all of these fantastic achievements won't make a huge difference to the situation there in Zambia.

Keep up the great work!

Janet Thomas