Reducing donkey abuse in Zambia

AAA's partner group in Zambia have recently carried out an outreach program in the Southern Province in the Chiefdom of Mukuni in Muchinga and Kasiya Villages. They also visited the Chibombo and Chisamba districts in the Central Province of Zambia.

They found a high level of abuse on working donkeys in these areas, and conducted a total of twelve hours of training and education for the local communities.

Through speaking with the donkey owners they found that:

* Most donkeys had never been de-wormed

* Donkeys work for over 12 hours without water or food

* They walk for over 30km to transport goods

* They have no shelters and instead have their leg tied to a tree with rope

* Harnessing used is oxen yokes which are too large and cause painful wounds on the donkeys' necks and backs

* Donkeys are subjected to beating, especially from the children who are working them

The group have seen some improvement in they behaviour of the donkey owners, however much more work needs to be done.

Overall 1,000 working animals were treated and 220 owners were educated on proper donkey handling and harnessing during the outreach clinic.

We appreciate the support from our donors who allow us to help fund projects such as this, to help slowly turn around the dire situation for working animals.

Janet Thomas