Join Animal Aid Abroad on Sunday 25 August when we raise awareness of Global Working Animal Day and, in doing so, raise funds for the millions of working animals around the globe who perform the tasks of tractors, trucks and taxis every day in the world’s poorest countries.

 Make 25 August the day you support abused, sick and injured working animals; help us to highlight the ongoing welfare issues that are faced by these animals every day. We will be holding events that you can join in or you can organise your own.


Palomo is just one horse that will benefit from your help. Palomo is 10 years old and works 8 hours a day, 6 days a week hauling heavy construction materials for his poor owner. Palomo, although weak and suffering from wounds and years of abuse, is now getting veterinary treatment and feed from partner group Orprovet in Nicaragua. With your help, Animal Aid Abroad will fund an on-going feed program to help Palomo and many other hundreds of malnourished working horses like him who are not getting enough food due to the economic downturn and civil unrest in Nicaragua.


Our 2019 goal is $75,000










will go to the Tikobane Animal Trust in Zimbabwe to fund the construction of humane donkey carts, improved harnessing and continue vital vet clinic operations that treat the region’s working donkeys.


to fund the operation of the Donkey Rescue and Education Centre in Sri Lanka that plays a vital role in treating and providing refuge for rescued and at-risk street donkeys in the Mannar region.


will support two projects in Tanzania. AAA will assist Tanzania Animal Welfare Society and Tanzania Humane Charity to construct humane carts and better harnessing that will reduce suffering and pain caused by cruel yoke carts.


to the Gili Island Vet Program in Indonesia that will provide treatment and care to the hard-working Gili islands ponies and other animals.


with your help Animal Aid Abroad will fund an on-going feed and vet program to help Palomo and many hundreds of malnourished working horses like him who are not getting enough veterinary treatment and food due to the economic downturn and civil unrest in Nicaragua.

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teamsThermometer By ABC Fundraising®


Walk a mile, ride a mile, run a mile, on your own, with a friend or in a group! Join one of the organised events happening below or simply complete your own challenge.

As this year marks 12 years of supporting working animals, registration is a $12 tax deductible donation. For those who are able we’re asking supporters to carry 12 kg of weights or 12 items during their event in recognition of the loads and weight that working animals carry every day of their lives. In appreciation of your support you will receive a special certificate and acknowledgment on our Facebook page.

If you cannot participate in an event you can still help by donating to our Give Now page for Global Working Animal Day!

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Join us and walk or run 4 km or 12 km in the City 2 Surf for Global Working Animal Day 2019. We are aiming to put in our biggest team yet and help raise funds for our projects- this year we’re aiming to raise $25,000 for our Perth team. We will have an AAA running singlet this year and if you raise $100 or more, it's yours to wear and keep [no charge]. So dust off those runners and join us on Sunday August 25. Please also invite other people to join our team. To join us click here:

All our City 2 Surf and Perth local event participants can purchase a ladies or men’s SPRINT Singlet – 140gsm CoolDry 100% Polyester.

Purchase for $35 or, if you raise $100 or more, it's yours for free.

Orders must be in by July 31st to have your singlet for August 25 Global Working Animal Day. For size guide and ordering please email Janet at

For our eastern states and overseas supporters you are very welcome to purchase this singlet with the same conditions but we cannot deliver by August 25th this year.

Animal Aid Abroad - Singlet Final Transfer Mock Up.jpg



South Australian supporters will be holding the challenge at Mawson Lakes on Sunday August 25th. For more information contact Janet at


Coming Soon…!



Saturday August 24th @ 2pm - Lake Ginninderra. Meet at John Knight Memorial Park with coffee at Birrigai Cafe afterwards. Contact Lee Dean for more information about joining this walk:



‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’ with Sydney supporters!

Meet at 11am at Cafe Bones in the Hawthorne Canal Reserve on the Foster St, Leichhardt side, near the intersection with Darley Rd. Also near the Light Rail stop.

For more information to join our Sydney walk you can contact walk coordinators:

Marie Crilley:

Paul Sillato:



Sunday August 25th @ 10am. Valley Rail Trail Donkey Walk. Walk starts at the Visitor Information Centre at Fernvale.

Contact Julia Byatte for more information on joining this walk-



Date and time to be confirmed. The walk will be at Cygnet in the Huon Valley

Contact for this walk and more information: Lisa Litjens


“Walk the Ness Around the Town to Help Working Animals Around the World” will be a 5km walk for £5 contribution to join in plus any extra you can raise through sponsors would be greatly appreciated! We will also have a raffle at the event.

Meet for coffee and registration before the walk:

The Alleycat Cafe, 6 Mealmarket Close

8.30am Sunday 25th August

More information:



If you would like to organise your own event to raise funds for Global Working Animal Day please register. We will be in contact to support you all the way!!

You may also like to set up a crowdfunding campaign to help us reach our goal. You can create your own campaign by clicking “Create CrowdRaiser on the right hand side of our Give Now page:



Dr Sulamain of our partner group Kurdistan Organization of Animal Rights Protection will be making presentations on “100 Years of Working Animals in Our Culture” as well as publishing an article on the topic. KOARP will also hold a day to feed and water stray donkeys.


TAHUCHA will have three big events: one of a humane carts exhibition, one of humane carts in use, and another of mobile clinics and education.


Tikobane Trust staff, volunteers and local villagers will pull carts and carrying loads over a distance to show their support for working animals and Global Working Animal Day. They will highlight the importance of donkeys to their livelihood and how they must be respected and valued for their vital contribution. The event will be held on the 25th of August, 11am in the District of Hwange, Dete township. This place was chosen because it is a populated by the firewood traders who often beat their donkeys, harness them incorrectly and overload them while carting wood.


MWAMFUMBA Multi Purpose Cooperative are carrying out programs in Chankumba agricultural block in Liteta Ward in Chisamba districts for Global Working Animal Day. We are going to start at 10 00 hours at Chankumba ground up to 16 00 hours where we shall display proper harnessing and proper loading. We shall talk about how to improve and promote animal welfare, safety, protection and health through humane education and mobile veterinary clinics. We have invited government officials from different line ministries , traditional leaders, civic and political leaders and other stakeholders.


The Help in Suffering Camel Rescue Centre team will highlight the importance of working camels in the Jaipur region who are used mainly to cart materials in the grain markets, masonry and construction industry. Also, the importance of female camels that are very important for breeding purpose and providing camel milk. Camels are the only source of income for most of the camel owners.