ESAF Static Clinic Results

camels in egyptHelping working camels in EgyptWith Animal Aid Abroad’s support, the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends (ESAF) established several clinics near the Pyramids to address serious medical conditions of mange, mites and scabies amongst working camels in the area.

In the month of July, ESAF sent out 6 mobile clinics to the Pyramids and 2 clinics to the famous camel market of Birqash, in order to provide the necessary medical treatment for these animals. A total of 44 Camels & 62 horses were treated at the Pyramids; whilst a further 68 Camels were treated at the Birqash

Thanks to your kind support, we have been able to help alleviate the suffering of 174 working camels and horses in this area.

Pictures of ESAF’s field work below:

  camel with foot abscessFoot abscesswounded camelRough harness woundcamel with multiple saddle soresMultiple infected saddle sores


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